Terrill L. Gibson, Ph.D.

is a diplomate pastoral psychotherapist, an approved supervisor for the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and a diploma Jungian analyst who practices individual and family therapy with Pastoral Therapy Associates in Tacoma. He lectures and writes widely on the basic theme of the integration of psychotherapy and spirituality. He has been a frequent consultant, faculty, supervisor, and facilitator for a variety of Pacific Northwest universities, social service agencies, corporations, and religious congregations. He has a passion for film, sea kayaks, and the blues.

In 1997, a book he co-edited with Laura Dodson, Ph.D., Psyche and Family, was published by Chiron Press. Most recently, he has written two book chapters:
  • a chapter on pastoral psychotherapy and transcendence in The Psychology of Mature Spirituality: Integrity, Wisdom and Transcendence co-edited by Melvin Miller, Ph.D., and Polly Young-Eisendrath, Ph.D. from Routledge.
  • A chapter titled "The Oedipal Child and the Family Crucible: A Jungian Account" in Human Development and Faith edited by Felicity Kelcourse, Ph.D.--in press from Chalice Press.

He is now working on a collaborative project in Jungian Psychology, Film, and Spirituality. This culminates a long-held central analytic interest in cinema and psyche. He has taught regional and national psychology-and-cinema seminars and used film in graduate/post graduate psychotherapy training courses for over twenty years.

Titles of some of these seminars include:

  • Cin-Imago Dei: A Jungian Reflection on Images of the Soul in Contemporary Film
  • Cinema and Death: Jungian Reflections on the Theology and Spirituality of the Death Experience as Seen Through Contemporary Film
  • Paradise and Millenium: A Jungian Reflection on Cinematic Images of the Perfection of Soul in Times of Intense Collective Transition
  • The Archetype of Initiation: A Cinematic Update on a Classic Jungian Theme
  • Ethics, Justice and Psyche: Living with the American Election of 2004, An Interdisciplinary Workshop for Professions in Psychology, Medicine, Law, Education and Religion